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Radha TMT 550 is a brand of prestigious Radha group, formed by Late Shri Radheshyam Saraf Ji in 1960’s. The legacy grew by leaps and bounds over time & the mantle is being continued by his sons Mr. Sunil Saraf and Mr. Suman Saraf.

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Advantages of Radha TMT Steel Bars


There are innumerable benefits of using Radha TMT 550 which makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of Construction projects from general purpose concrete re-enforcement structures to Bridges, Flyovers, Dams, Concrete Roads, Industrial Structures and High Rise Buildings.

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Different Products of Radha Smelters


Radha TMT offers Variety of Steel Products like Bars, Rounds, Squares & Rods. We cater to the Steel requirements for diverse range of Projects from Home Construction to Industrial Constructions across South India specially, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

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Home Building Tips


We are here to help you in every way possible, not just with supplying our high-quality TMT Steel but also to help you with the various other things involved in the construction of your dream home. Explore our Home building tips that will help you throughout your construction.

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We produce steel of higher strength, ductility, weldability, bonding, and bendability by implementing the revolutionary "Thermex" technology that is used globally to manufacture high-quality TMT bars. These bars also offer the additional advantage of being anti-corrosive, earthquake & heat resistant. Our TMT bars make slimmer pillars possible, which contributes towards a larger carpet area. All these properties make Radha 550 TMT bars the ideal and ultimate choice of both small and large project consultants, architects, structural engineers, and builders.

Radha TMT is proud to be amongst the select few primary steel plants to adopt the highly acclaimed, cutting-edge German technology - Thermex which is the same manufacturing process being employed by the Durgapur and Bhilai steel plants of SAIL.


High Quality Raw Material used

High Quality Raw Material

All raw materials used for making Radha TMT bars are sourced from our own induction furnace at Chengunta after stringent quality tests, both random and pre-defined inspections at specific points in the manufacturing process every single time.

High Corrosion Resistance of Radha TMT

High Corrosion Resistance

Our TMT Bars undergo the THERMEX process and specially treated and purified water is used for quenching the bars. The cold twisting of the steel bars also aids in drastic reduction of surface stresses to increase resistance against corrosion.

Earthquake Resistance to Construction

Increased Earthquake Resistance

The hard external layer and soft core, created during the ‘self-tempering’ of the Radha TMT bars, helps to withstand seismic and other dynamic loads that occur during an earthquake with increased ductility also improves fatigue resistance of the bars.