What are the other Specialities of TMT bars?

Today’s construction industry thrives on the TMT bars. We have seen over the years that TMT bars are known to have the mechanics and strength to host every kind of building out there. The way the steel rods are produced and moulded into shape has a huge role in making them so versatile.

There are some norms that are followed in order to keep these TMT bars in great shape and strength. These also contribute to almost all the characteristics that they acquire. Read along to know more about the specialities and characteristics the steel bars that have made them so versatile and of tremendous importance.

Special characteristics of making TMT bars

Heat resistant: It goes without saying that TMT bars that are used for construction are fire resistant. They can absorb a very high amount of feat without losing its shape or melting. Hence, even after a fire breakdown, the framework will retain its shape.

Anti-corrosive: Due to the process of production, steel TMT bars gain the anti-corrosive property as it debars the formation of carbide. Hence, any building made from TMT bars will not lose its strength even after being exposed to an extreme monsoon climate.

Earthquake resistant: The process of cooling the TMT bars while its formation makes the outer layers extremely strong and hard. However, the inner core remains soft, which gives the bars the characteristic of being bendable. Hence, in case of an earthquake, the steel rods would most likely hold the entire frame of the building in place.

What processes it goes through to get the strength

At the factory, TMT bars are cooled and moulded into shape following its manufacturing. The steel rods are taken through a few more final steps that further improve the quality and strength of the steel. Some of the processes are cold drilling, welding and joining, coating and galvanising, heat and surface treatment, etc.

Together with all the material and process of production, steel TMT bars adopt great characteristics that make them so perfect for modern-day construction of skyscrapers.

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