Tips for Construction by Radha 550 TMT Bars

Few Tips to evaluate while purchasing any bar to give you the best quality and deal

  • When bent, bar should bend smoothly.
  • Transverse Ribs or Lugs of the bar should be sharp. So that it bonds strongly with the cement.
  • Use TMT bars made of primary raw material i.e, MS Billets as it guarantees endurance to heavy loads.
  • Before purchasing one should check the price of Radha 550 TMT Bars on the Radha 550 TMT
  • Comparable weight of bar per meter should be according to ISI standards.
  • Cross check when you weight the bar.
  • Bar should be of any ISI & ISO 9001:2008 certified company only.
  • Every meter length of bar should bear company's stamp.
  • Every bundle should carry company's Tag and strap on it