The company manufactures high-quality TMT steel bars by implementing cutting-edge Ladle Refining Furnace Technology or LRF technology. During its production, the steel is prepared from iron ore in the basic oxygen furnace and transferred into the ladle for further refining, chemistry adjustment, inclusion, and modifications. This process requires additional heat. Therefore, electrodes are attached with ladles to heat the liquid metal and minimise thermal losses.

Extraordinary Strength and Durability

100% virgin iron ore provides the highest grade of purity with minimum Sulphur and Phosphorous contents, makes TMT Bars strong and lasts long.

Superior Bendability and Ductility

TMT bars with low impurities bend better and add suppleness to TMT Bars. This feature strengthens the construction in many folds.

Excellent Resistance with Low Carbon level

Unique treatment lends resistance to corrosion and makes TMT bars fireproof. It makes construction safer than ever.

Highly Resilient and Elongation up to 18%

Resilience in TMT bars ensures that the construction can withstand heavy loads and other natural disasters, making them ideal for construction in seismic zones.


The prestigious Radha group is a hallmark of excellence. Late Shri Radheshyam Ji Saraf formed the company in the 1960s. The legacy grew by leaps and bounds over time, and the mantle was passed on to his sons Shri Sunil Saraf and Shri Suman Saraf. readmore...

Core Values

Quality Relationship

We believe in trust, loyalty & creating relationships with our customers, business partners, employees & other stake holders.


We go the extra mile to deliver on our commitments, and have the reputation of ‘Zero Rejection’ of our products till date.


We deliver unmatchable value through our stringent practices and world-class processes.


We stand firm in our Vision to build a stronger and robust India.


We constantly adopt new and transformative techniques to enhance our portfolio of offerings.



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