SRCP(Per piece)
1 8MM 399
2 10MM 622
3 12MM 879
4 16MM 1527
5 20MM 2455
6 25MM 3837
7 32MM 6377



1. What is the price of 8mm,10mm,12 mm, and 16 mm steel rods per kg?

The TMT bar price per piece depends on various factors including raw materials, production process, and type of grades. The TMT bar price today of 8mm,10mm, 12mm, and 16mm sariya is ₹382, ₹597, 841, and 1505 per piece respectively.

2. What is the steel rate today in Hyderabad?

Steel prices continue to fluctuate. The steel rate per kg of Radha TMT based on different bar diameter-8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm is 65.80, 65.49, 64.42, 64.77, 64.75, and 64.74 respectively. Moreover, steel price today in Hyderabad according to the per piece of different bar diameters is available in the range of 382 to 6115 per piece.

3. Does Saria Price Today will differ based on different grades?

TMT bars are available in various grades:Fe-415, Fe500, Fe550, Fe-415D, Fe550, Fe-500D, and Fe-600, etc. Among all the grades available on the market, Fe-500 and Fe-500D are the most preferred grades when it comes to civil construction. While the TMT bar price today of lower grades will be less, the higher and most popular grades such as 550 D will be relatively higher due to better strength, flexibility, and slimmer pillar design that aids in more carpet space.

4. Which steel is best?

TMT bars are the best and most widely used in constructing homes, bridges, dams, and flyovers. Due to their anti-rust and earthquake resistance properties. They are long-lasting and durable which makes the TMT Saria price today of less importance as they keep your home safe and sound for years to come.

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