There is only one thing 
stronger than our steel.

Our Legacy

There is only one thing 
stronger than our steel.

Our Legacy

Nurturing a
culture of excellence

Circa 1960. While India was yet to outgrow its infancy, one man saw beyond the horizon and discovered a Vision. Realising that the fabric of a strong nation had to be made of steel and every relationship, small or big, can bring about a change, Shri RadheshyamJi Saraf soon transformed his vision into a reality called Radha Smelters.

Radha Smelters has worked shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders in India’s progress and grown in every passing year since inception, unwaveringly nurturing a culture of Excellence. Today, as the country is on its way to becoming a superpower, the company has emerged as a player to reckon with in its sector. It has forged its name as a leading brand in TMT bars in India that is synonymous with superior Quality. Headquartered in Hyderabad, a city known for its infrastructure, RadhaTMT is a preferred brand for its innovative spirit and adherence to quality. Its progressive outlook and strong values based on lasting relationships make it a company of the future, and for the future.

Our core value


Every member of our team is committed to adding value to each one of our stakeholders our society, our country, our planet


We go the extra mile to deliver on our commitments, and have the reputation of ‘Zero Rejection’ of our products till date.


We deliver unmatchable value through our stringent practices and world-class processes.


We stand firm in our Vision to build a stronger and robust India.


We constantly adopt new and transformative techniques to enhance our portfolio of offerings. 

Decades of excellence & growth

Taking the Legacy forward

At Radha Steel, we place a strong emphasis on values and take pride in the legacy that we uphold.

Sunil Saraf


Sunil Saraf, the

Suman Saraf

Managing Director

Suman Saraf,
Managing Director
of the Radha Group

Snehil Saraf

CEO and Director

Snehil Saraf, the CEO and Director at Radha TMT is an intuitive

Kushaal Saraf

Director- Business

Kushaal Saraf, Director for Business Development

Akshat Saraf

Director - Sales &

Akshat Saraf joined
the family business