Is TMT bar used for high rising building, bridges and dams only?

Speaking about the present generation, TMT bars are among the most widely used construction materials both for private as well as commercial purposes. These bars are very strong and have some amazing properties that make it stand out from other construction bars. Some of the best-known properties and advantages of TMT bars (Thermo-mechanically treated bars) are:


The TMT bars have excellent fire-resistant property and can withstand temperatures of up to 400-degree to 600-degree Celsius. This solves the initial concern for the engineers to make the building to be fire-resistant.


TMT bars have a soft core and a very hard crust. And it is only due to the ductility that these bars can withstand seismic movements well.


Thanks to the processing technology of TMT, the bars attain the anti- corrosion property. Thus, with the ability to stand the impact of natural corrosion, they have high longevity.

However, even after having such high importance, the TMT bars are often considered to be a domestic and commercial building construction material only. But the real fact behind them is that they can be used for almost any purpose in the construction industry. Here are a few applications of TMT bars other than just constructing buildings, bridges and dams.


Flyovers are becoming very popular in the country and are a great step forward towards resolving traffic issues. Did you know that TMT bars are used for construction of flyovers too and not just small bridges? The ductility and anti-corrosiveness make it a highly preferred material over any other things.

Concrete roads

Since TMT bars have great bonding property with concrete (almost any type), using them to construct the underlying structure of long roads have become popular. They increase the longevity of the roads and can protect it from cracking very soon.

Huge industrial structure

Since TMT bars are so strong and resistant to high temperatures, they are widely used in industries and standalone factories too. Hence, even if the factories undergo process related to high heat emission, the chances of wear-and-tear due to high temperatures is a lot lesser.

TMT bars can be used for any type of construction

TMT bars are very versatile and an be used for any type of construction, be it domestic or commercial, bridges or flyovers. Hence, whatever be the demand for, these strong bars can be the way out.

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