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Radha TMT Safety & Robustness Guaranteed

As their name indicates, TMT steel bars are manufactured using a unique metallurgical process known as “thermo mechanical treatment”. They are high-strength reinforcement bars used in the construction of massive infrastructure and buildings. Their unique manufacturing process leaves them with a tough outer area and soft inner core making them a unique construction material that […]

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Radha TMT – DNA of a Stronger Nation

Radha TMT is amongst the elite group of top 3 brands manufacturing TMT steel bars, based out of Hyderabad,  India. Owing to its high quality, Radha TMT remains the first choice of consumers in South India. Radha Smelters, through its flagship product Radha TMT and excellent services, is promoting the concept of Global Technologies made […]

Radha TMT Build Your Strong City

The construction infrastructure is one of the most thriving sectors in this developing country. It’s a time when you will find a new building being constructed at almost every junction around, be it residential or commercial. Hence, in order to provide the perfect support to what will drive to a stronger future, Radha TMT has […]