Radha TMT FE550 Steel Bars

Radha TMT ‘DNA’ of India’s Strongest Steel

Radha TMT is amongst the elite group of top 3 brands manufacturing TMT steel bars in India. Owing to its high quality, Radha TMT remains the first choice of South India consumers. Radha Smelters, through its flagship product Radha TMT and excellent services, is promoting the concept of Global Technologies made in India. Radha TMT is a made in India brand with global outlook and is far ahead of its rival top brands in the South Indian market share of TMT Steel.

The Numero-uno brand of Sothern India in Best TMT bars, for over Six decades now, is a synonymous with product excellence in the country, Radha TMT is best in its class to meet the wide range needs of infrastructure industry. Their key products are 500D and 550 D LRF best in strength and ductility made using LRF German technology.

Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D Steel Rebars undoubtedly, most preferred choice of infra industry people, are made using advanced LRF Technology which ensures higher ductility and greater strength. These Steel Rebars not only have good bonding properties to concrete but also highly durable.

Radha TMT manufactured using only high-quality raw materials in fully automated high-speed mill using Superior LRF and German Quenching and Self-tempering technology -THERMEX®, passes through the most stringent quality control tests at in house state of art modern testing labs before hitting the market shelfs. Radha TMT tests each of its lots with advanced chemical and mechanical analysis techniques at regular intervals to ensure that only high-quality TMT steel reaches to customers.

LRF technology enable to perform, De-phosphorization, De-sulpherization , De-gassing, removal of metallic inclusion, homogenization of temperature and composition, the quality of steel so produced using the technology meets every stringent quality standards and norms consistently.

Here are a few reasons why it makes a perfect sense to choose Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D Rebars:

  • Only high-quality raw materials used
  • Fully automated high-speed mill
  • Superior LRF Technology
  • German Quenching and Self-tempering technology -THERMEX®
  • Stringent testing and quality control system

With such technology and processes in place, one can rest assured that every single TMT

Rebar coming out of Radha Smelters plants is guarantee of safety quality and reliability.

Radha TMT 550D LRF 500D has set a new benchmark in the field of TMT steel bars in the country and continues to gain the status of being the preferred brand across the country by every leading builder, architect and structural engineer for their designs. These steel bars are used from laying foundation of houses to construction of hospitals, highways, metros etc. These steel bars come in different grades out of which the three of the following dominates the market:


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