Best TMT Bars for Construction

An In-Depth Guide on The Best TMT Bars for Construction

TMT bars, also known as Thermo Mechanical Treatment bars, are strong reinforcement bars that strengthen the structure and provide a supportive framework. The sturdy outer core and soft inner core make these bars an ideal choice for the construction of residential and commercial properties. Also, TMT bars have high tensile strength and a percentage of elongation.

According to experts, all these properties impart higher strength and longer durability to the structures, especially to high-rise housing and commercial buildings with multiple floors. They further add that these high tensile strength bars not only improve structure flexibility but also enhance their aesthetic appearance.

When it comes to constructing residential or commercial projects in areas with regular or high seismic activity, TMT rebars are the best choice! Since these bars don’t have any defects or cracks on the surface, they are better at resisting stress caused by regular or high-intensity seismic activity. This means that structures built using these bars remain safe whenever earthquakes or seismic shocks are experienced.

In this blog, we have thrown light on some of the major factors that you must consider while buying TMT steel bars, and some of the best options that are available in the market.

Essential factors to check before buying TMT Steel Bars

Here are a few factors that you must check before buying TMT bars –

  • Strength and Flexibility – India comes under a high seismic zone. So, it’s essential to check the strength and flexibility of TMT bars before purchasing. It’s always best to buy steel bars that are strong enough to endure the shocks during earthquakes and can keep the structures firm and safe.
  • Grade of the TMT Bar – TMT steel bars is available in a range of grades, starting from Fe 415 to Fe 600. The grades determine the strength and elongation of the TMT bars. TMT bars with low grades have low strength and high flexibility, and those with a higher grade have high strength and low flexibility.
  • Ductility – TMT bars that are ductile are preferred for all types of constructions, as they can be bent easily. Also, ductile TMT bars are easy to transport from one construction site to another.

Best TMT bars for Construction

Fe 500 and Fe 500D are the two most popular TMT 500 steel bars for construction purposes. Both Fe 500 and Fe 500D have 0.2% proof stress/yield, whereas the tensile strength in Fe 550 D is more than Fe 500 by 2%. Clearly, the elongation of the second group of TMT bars and the strength of the rods is higher in the D variant, which is a very useful property in ensuring a greater degree of safety. Additionally, the higher ductility of these bars makes them resistant to earthquakes.

According to veteran civil engineers, 500 D grade bars have balanced mechanical properties with higher flexibility. They are considered the best choice for construction structures such as high-rise apartments, flyovers, highway construction, railway bridges, airports, hospitals, and concrete roads.

So, Fe 500 and Fe 500D are always the best choices for the construction of commercial and residential properties. And if you’re still in doubt, get in touch with an expert!

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