How to identify top quality TMT Steel Bars

When you have put your money into construction – be it of your own house or an apartment;  an office complex or a shopping mall; or an infrastructure project, it is certain that you would want to use the best material that  guarantees the safety and longevity of your building. A major component that will determine these two priorities are the TMT bars which hold the concrete blocks together and maintain the structure of your building.

One must ensure that the best TMT bars used are of the best quality, because substandard bars might be a cheaper option, but the price to pay in the long run could be very high indeed!

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 Here are a few tips to bear in mind when buying TMT bars.

TMT Grade

Three different grades of TMT bars are available in India – Fe-415, tmt 550 d, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The higher the grade of the TMT bar, the better the quality. Depending on the space/ area being covered, you can use the bars accordingly. For example, you must use higher grade TMT bars in core areas such as the floors and roofs. The load bearing capacity and the strength of the bars are critical here, so this is not an area for compromise. Lower grade TMT bars may be used while constructing balcony railings and other decorative structures.

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Tensile strength and flexibility

The TMT bars that you are purchasing will have to be flexible enough to be bent to suit your requirement during construction, but strong enough to withstand all the weight and pressure that will be placed on it for decades to come. Substandard bars will crack in time, endangering life and property. Top quality TMT rods such as Radha TMT steel bars will not develop cracks even when they are bent at an angle of 90 degrees or more, so be sure to check this detail out.

Bar elongation

The length of your TMT bar elongation will indicate how ductile the bar is. The higher the elongation, the more area it will cover and the more you will save on construction.

Corrosion resistance

During construction, your TMT bars will come in contact with loads of moisture. Substandard bars will start to rust and corrode. This can weaken the structure and develop into a serious problem over time. Make sure you use only good quality TMT steel bars that are moisture resistant and will not corrode.

Look for the brand marker

Check if the manufacturer’s seal is present on every metre of the TMT steel bar and whether the logo is also present on every bar.  Make sure that all the rods in the bundle are of equal length and thickness.

When the cut ends of TMT bars are etched, check for three distinct rings.

1) A tempered outer ring of martensite.

2) A semi-tempered middle ring of martensite and bainite.

3) A mild circular core of bainite, ferrite, and pearlite.

Your building is only as good as the material you use. Strong, long-lasting, top quality material will give you a building that you can be proud of for a long, long time.

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