Benefits of Radha TMT550 steel bar

Ensuring optimum infrastructural development is crucial to a nation’s overall economic modernization, development, and progress. With ever-increasing population accompanied by rapid urbanization, the need for solid and resilient infrastructure is even more these days worldwide.

It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to look for the appropriate support that Radha TMT can offer. TMT550 D steel bars can withstand such rigorous infrastructure growth and offer an excellent constructive solution by dint of its versatility, durability and remarkable strength.

Why TMT550 steel bar?

Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars or TMT bars find popular application in the construction field. TMT steel bars are made of high strength steel and feature a hard outer crust & a soft inner core. In India, TMT bars can be found marked under different grades like- Fe-600, Fe-500, Fe-550 Steel Bar, and Fe-415.

They are highly considered for infrastructure and building projects in earthquake- prone regions because they are remarkably earthquake-resistant. They feature excellent elongation point so they can be elongated without negatively impacting their measurement. Elongation suggests the ability to withstand deformation before being damaged completely.

The reason behind entrusting Radha TMT550

In the construction sector, Radha TMT is a reliable and reputed name. They earned a reputation in the market by delivering quality-assured products to help construct strong and resilient infrastructure and buildings since a longer timeframe.

► Radha TMT manufactures TMT550 steel bars using the state-of-the-art cutting-edge German technology – Thermex.

► Raw materials used for making the bars are sourced from their own induction furnace at Chengunta. They are approved after undergoing stringent quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

► They are specially processed & treated to become highly resistive against corrosion.

Multiple-use of Radha TMT steel bars

The remarkable flexibility of Radha TMT500 steel bars helps them bear huge stress for ages to come. This is why, besides homes, they are popularly chosen construction material for:

► Bridges and flyovers.

► Water dams

► Underground constructions and in the core of buildings

Concrete streets.

Radha TMT550 steel bars offer the perfect construction solution for you with its unique design, high corrosion resistance quality, excellent elasticity and superior strength.

Article By: RADHA TMT
GST Number: 36AADCR6508A1ZQ


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