Radha TMT Build Your Strong City

  • The construction infrastructure is one of the most thriving sectors in this developing country. It’s a time when you will find a new building being constructed at almost every junction around, be it residential or commercial.

    Hence, in order to provide the perfect support to what will drive to a stronger future, Radha TMT has got things sorted. The TMT bars are made of steel and have a hard outer crust with a soft inner core. This is done so that the bars are ductile and thus are very durable against earthquakes.

    What Radha TMT bars assure you of

    Radha TMT bars are manufactured in plants that incorporate high technology to form what would last for decades. There are many steps that go behind producing such strong bars. Here are they:-

    • ► The manufacturing plants have with Sparkonix CNC (automatic) that get the even spacing and very precise depth of the rib cutting.
    • ► In order to make sure that there is a consistency in the physical and chemical properties in every set of bars produced, the raw materials are tested by Spectrometer (for chemical properties) and Universal Testing Machine (physical properties of the bars).
    • ► Plus, with such edge cutting technology, there are four factors that are considered
      • ○ High-quality MS Billets (raw materials)
      • ○ Automatic, high-speed plants
      • ○ German technology for Thermex technology
      • ○ And quality testing at the end

    High-grade Radha TMT bars can be used for multiple purposes

    If you thought that TMT bars can only be used for constructing homes and buildings only, think again. Here are what Radha TMT bars are capable of:-

    • ► Construction of bridges and flyovers
    • ► Structures for concrete reinforcement
    • ► Water dams
    • ► Underground constructions (like a basement)
    • ► Tall and busy industrial structures
    • ► And concrete roads

Article By: RADHA TMT
GST Number: 36AADCR6508A1ZQ 


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